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Sweden's first biogas train in the world.

Sweden's first biogas train in the world.
    It set a clear definition as the first country in the world to 'liberate' from using oil within the year 2558 Sweden is heading to renewable energy. And development of the car and taxi truck and bus change to use energy from bio-gas, more and more ... "
Only ... but not enough. Sweden to jump up there to train with the first bio-gas train of a separate world ...
Train generated a buzz in the world train is connected between the urban monkeys Ko Ping (Linkoeping) drive from Stockholm, go south about 200 miles to the town software Foster wig (Vaestervik), located along the coast. East of Sweden The total distance is about 80 miles.
Although most passengers do not just get 54 people to run at speeds 130 miles per hour. And wait for refueling every 600 miles, but the train is back with "good."

   The fuel used is known as a train of the future of the world's first train to run with fuel from bio-gas Wastes from households and farms in the agricultural sector is livestock.
Bio Gas Power Rail trains are manufactured by the company. A bio-gas C Ventures Inc. (Svensk Biogas) investment is 54,500,000 baht of course, this train does not stop, "developing", but only this. Because the speed The ability to accommodate. Long distance routes more. And fuel costs are a thing "challenging", with the goal to make "incentive" for consumers and more able to compete with cheap airline tempting customers. As an alternative to "smart" the people.
After news of the Swedish biogas train released to the world. India immediately announced that the interest will follow in the footsteps of this approach as well.
That already use biogas as fuel in Sweden is very simple. It has more than 779 cars and buses drive more that 4000 cars turned to a mixture of fuel oil to natural gas or biogas. The development stage, it goes far to use bio-gas train that links the town Ko Ping soon became a favorite spot.
"Turning point" of the city Ling Ping Ko, which is home to the University. And aircraft manufacturing industries. Energy revolution by turning out primary reliance on fuel oil and natural gas to the city resistant too late. This coupled with the need to eliminate waste from the agricultural sector. In both cattle farms. Pig farms. And food industries. The daily production of waste out no less.
Private companies to begin to think that will produce fuel from these local materials. The local government Ling Ping Ko, cheering on full power. The first objective is how to put it. Is to produce bio-gas fuel use of city buses.

   Since the first day thinking leads to action in earnest. Just across the year was the month of December 2539 the city Ling Ko Ping time to celebrate the reliance on self-important energy. When the fuel station, the first bio-gas is open. And have progressed significantly on the number of buses of the city turned to fuel this increase, more and more.
That is the year 2540 bus using bio-gas, only 27 cars, and growing up 60 cars in the year 2543 is significant since the year 2545 onwards cars that use diesel trucks is "extinct."
But success does not stop at just that. Because the car of the people Ling Ping Ko and Hackney are turning to bio-gas A long day of service stations had grown more as well.
Peter the Dane (Peter Unden) a marketer of Bio Gas "giant" on the production and distribution of bio-gas for transportation in the eastern part of Sweden, said that the switch to fuel biogas considered. On the creative energy.
Because the biogas production process eliminates waste residues occur in daily life, sure enough.
"The use of biogas as a fuel is considered a true profit. It is never run out of energy. Reduce carbon dioxide It also can be produced locally. Create jobs and reduce costs in the transportation sector at the same time. "

    Sweden is still ahead promoting the use of environmentally friendly energy-intensive and very serious. Motivation to adopt the Swedish alternative energy becomes a condition "interesting" because it greatly benefits are clearly visible, such as the highway does not have to pay for Stockholm. Free parking in large cities. Free car tax, it is very.
The motivation of these are driven by car manufacturers and the automobile. Until the vehicle power is environmentally friendly big spike in sales by automobile manufacturers, representing more than 40,000 cars a percentage of the total number of 4 million cars that drive outstanding role in Sweden ever.
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Biogas fermentation pit model for pig farm

Biogas fermentation tank model for pig farm.
      Model fermentation pit with gas to be used to promote management of wastewater from pig farms to preserve. Energy and environment were present.
fixed dome pit (Fixed Dome).
      A pit fermentation biogas are encouraged to use farm pig small (farm pig equivalent Fattened not over 500,) with a promote during November. Fri. 2538 to 2544 in the Promote of biogas, farm animals, Part 2: Small Farmers (Phase 1 and Phase 2) which is operated by the Department of Agricultural (A disc.) Ministry of Agriculture. Supported by the project budget. Fund to promote energy conservation. Office of the National Energy Policy (H NGOs.) Or the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO.) Results.

Channel Digester + UASB
      As biogas fermentation pit developed by Service biogas (biogas technology today is the site) consists of two main components work together is a continuous fermentation pit rails (Channel Digester) run continuously. Bo fermented quickly clear water (UASB: Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket), which Bo fermentation has also promoted for use in farm pigs, medium and large since November. Fri. 2538 to 2546 in the Promotion of biogas In farm animals, Part 1: Medium and Large Farm (Phase 1 and Phase 2) project by Service gas or biogas technology facilities. Chiang Mai University. Supported by the project budget. Fund to promote energy conservation. Office of the National Energy Policy (H NGOs.) Or the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO.) Results.

      H-UASB: High suspension solids - Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket.
is well fermented Service gas development by improving the tank fermentation Channel Digester + UASB to support and treatment of waste water with. performance and greater stability. Bo fermentation has started applying them in a farm pig large project, Phase 2 of 2 farms, representing the volume tank fermentation include 12000 delete m. That the tracking performance was well marinated that can worked well beyond expectations. Has been used to promote a large pig farm in a more broadly in the Phase 3 project.
Pond Covered Lagoon.

      Covered Lagoon pit  is a fermented biogas another format. Most of the soil structure as well. Top covered with large pieces of plastic to collect gas that occurs before the gas utilization. Tank bioreactor have been deployed on about 3-5 years ago, is considered to be in the range early. The lifetime of the pond, which estimated that about 15 years now, so do you think about the performance of the Covered Lagoon Pond complete enough And require monitoring of the use of the pond next
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Steps for degrading organic compounds

Steps for degrading organic compounds.
      Process of degradation of organic matter (process of the biogas) and organic compound degradation by bacteria without oxygen. results from the process of degradation of most of the gas, which is the main component is methane. Process of decomposition of organic compounds such as picture show.

    In the diagram describe the process of degrading organic matter in anaerobic conditions that no air or free oxygen. Large organic molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Is degradation by enzymes secreted acid bacteria out of the cell. The result will be large organic molecules decompose organic molecules into smaller sugar molecules such as single Amino acids and fatty acids, and so on small organic molecules are absorbed into the bacterial cells and to secrete enzymes to degrade. Organic compounds into the cell. Acetic acid and hydrogen gas, and then excreted out of cells by bacteria that create methane to decompose and change, and acetic acid to hydrogen. Methane and carbon dioxide. The gas that occurs (gas) will be floating above the water surface. And spread into the atmosphere or collected used to produce energy.

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What to do before for use biogas

What to do before  for use  biogas
    Improve the quality of gas (Gas Purification) prior to deployment have to be considered as George.
1. The trapped water in the gas pipeline.  Normally, gas production is often high humidity, approaching a new point.  When gas flows through the gas pipeline buried in soil at low temperatures often cause moisture (water vapor) in the gas condenses as water droplets and retained until it is a barrier to gas transmission pipeline to be.  So, to install a water trap before the gas is used.
2. reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2).
 Reduction in carbon dioxide (CO 2) from the gas will follow if and when needed, such as in the case of gas that the proportion of methane (CH 4) is very low and the level of igniting difficult.  CH 4 percentage is about 45 percent but less than in biogas production for the pig farm is not a problem in this regard.  Therefore, the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO 2) is not necessary.
3. reduction in hydrogen sulfide gas (H 2 S).  Reduction in gas hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) contaminants in the biogas is qualified as a poisonous gas when exposed to water or steam is transformed to sulfuric acid, Rick (H 2 SO 4), which is the cause. acid rain or acid vapor can be corrosive to metals and materials.  Therefore, reducing hydrogen sulphide gas (H 2 S) in the first biogas utilization will be beneficial to the environment in general and will help extend the useful life of the equipment used with gas. Read More..

What is Biogas

What is biogas. 
    Biogas is a gas that caused the degradation of organic matter by anaerobic bacteria in anaerobic conditions.  The main component of biogas are methane (CH 4) about 60-70% of carbon dioxide (CO 2) approximately 28-38% of other gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) and nitrogen (N 2) and so on for about 2%.
 Properties and benefit of biogas are methane gas as a main component.  As a result, the flammability properties well and can be used as renewable energy, such as images.
 - Burn to take advantage of direct heat, such as used with kg piglets.  And boiler (Steam Boiler) etc.
 - Burned for heating and for driving machinery such as used with gasoline and diesel engines etc.
 - Burned for heating and used to produce electricity.
 Negative effects on bio-gas emissions into the atmosphere as waste gas containing primarily methane gas, which is participating.  Cause the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide serious about 25 times (1) If biological waste gas emissions into the atmosphere will increase global warming caused or accelerated the world.  Temperatures increased. Read More..